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The Swirl Box Wanderlust Tea Gift Set - Loose Leaf and certified organic, comes in a gift box with a tea infuser

Wanderlust Tea Gift Set

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Teas of the world for the free and wild at heart! The Wanderlust Tea Gift Set features 4 blends of Loose Leaf & Certified Organic tea from around the world, with a Tea Infuser, packaged in a beautiful box, ready to be gifted.

Let us take your taste buds on an aromatic journey through four countries. Pause in your path and relax with a calming cup of tea, inspiring a small measure of wanderlust. Our comforting herbal teas of the world will leave you full of energy for your next journey.

The Wanderlust Tea Gift Box includes teas of the world:

Marrakesh, Morocco: Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Delicious food, welcoming people, a slight scent of woodsmoke filling the air and of course minty green tea. Our memories of this characterful country inspired us to create a simple, refreshing and exotic blend of Sencha green tea, peppermint and spearmint.
The Moroccan Mint Green Tea sample sachet found in our Wanderlust tea gift set serves 8-9 cups.

Mumbai, India: Spicy Chai
A city full of busy people, spicy but tasty food and heaps of culture. Our Spicy Chai blend is a caffeine free chai with a warm citrus-rose overtone. Packed with spices that are commonly found in the Indian kitchen, this herbal tea supports digestion and improves circulation.
The Spicy Chai sample sachet serves 8-9 cups.

Paris, France: French Earl Grey Tea
The city of love… Not only did we fall in love with the city, its culture and the (possibly) best desserts we ever tried, it also left us with the desire to blend a breakfast tea to go with freshly baked baguettes and croissants. Our French Earl Grey is a wonderfully fragrant, bergamot infused black tea with a bouquet of lavender and rose.
8-9 cups can be served of the sample sachet.

Istanbul, Turkey: Turkish Delight Tea
The sun rising early in the morning, a stroll over to the big bazaar’s bustle and getting lost in the seemingly endless, tiny streets of a beautiful city full of culture and history. Istanbul is what inspired us to start drinking our teas out of glasses years ago, and we have visited several times since first getting to know the city full of shimmering gold trims and good thoughts. Our naturally sweet and sour spiced apple tea is a heart-warming blend that will leave you feeling loved and well nourished.
The Turkish Delight Tea sample sachet in our wanderlust tea gift set serves 4-5 cups.

Tea Infuser
Especially when travelling you will not always have the suitable equipment for brewing a refreshing and restoring cup of tea with you. Our easy-to-use tea infuser for making individual cups is perfect whether on the road or at home. It is light, does not take much storage and is easy to clean.

Serving: The Wanderlust Tea Gift Set serves 28 – 32 cups in total.